There are many top shows on the CW, and one of them is Supernatural. This series has been airing since 2005, and focuses on two brothers who hunt various supernatural beings such as demons, monsters and ghosts. Produced by Warner Bros Television, the series was originally on The WB, and became part of the programming on The CW after it succeeded that channel.

After a staggering ten years of development, the pilot was viewed by over 5 million people, which encouraged The WB to give it a full season. There are 15 seasons and over 300 episodes, with the 11th season marking it as the longest-running live-action fantasy TV series to air in America.


Each season of Supernatural progresses a different storyline, but season one begins with Sam and Dean Winchester experiencing their father going missing during what he had described as a hunting trip. As the brothers had already had their mother die in a fire which burned down their house over two decades previously, the pair decided to live a life on the road and take on various supernatural beings as their father taught them. They spend their time on the road fighting the creatures, saving people and gathering clues about where their father might be. While they are travelling, Sam begins to have visions and develop psychic abilities.

Cast and characters

  • Jensen Ackles – Dean Winchester
  • Jared Padalecki – Sam Winchester
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan – John Winchester
  • Nicki Lynn Aycox – Meg Masters
  • Fredric Lehne – Azael’s host
  • Jim Beaver – Bobby Singer
  • Samantha Ferris – Ellen Harvelle
  • Alona Tal – Jo Harvelle
  • Chad Lindberg – Ash
  • Katie Cassidy – Ruby
  • Lauren Cohan – Bela Talbot
  • Misha Collins – Castiel
  • Robert Wisdom – Uriel
  • Julie McNiven – Anna Milton
  • Kurt Fuller – Zachariah
  • Mark Pellegrino – Lucifer
  • Mark Sheppard – Crowley
  • Dick Roman – Leader of the Leviathans
  • Osric Chau – Kevin Tran
  • Felicia Day – Charlie Bradbury
  • Tahmoh Penikett – Gadreel

Filming locations

Most of the filming for Supernatural took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The picturesque city in Canada will provide a familiar backdrop for residents of the area. The stars of the show, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, are from Austin, Texas. As a result, there is a dedicated day called ‘Supernatural’ day in this location. In the series, the Winchesters originate from Lawrence, Kansas, and the brothers end up travelling across the contiguous US.


Supernatural creator Eric Kripke had been working on the show for almost a decade, due to his interest in urban legends which had been present since childhood. He started out with Supernatural as a movie, then made it a TV series. He pitched it in various places before The WB picked it up. After existing in various forms, such as an anthology series and tabloid reporters fighting demons across the country in a van, they settled on the brothers instead. Kripke said he wanted the concept of the road trip to remain in place as it was the ‘best vehicle to tell these stories because it’s pure, stripped down and uniquely American’.

Originally, Kripke had wanted the brothers to have the surname Harrison as a tribute to Harrison Ford and a desire for Dean to have the ‘swagger of Han Solo’. However, this had to be changed as there was a Sam Harrison located in Kansas. Subsequently, the surnames became Winchester instead due to Kripke’s interest in the Winchester Mystery House. He also hoped that the surname would help add to the series feeling like a modern day Western.

Episodes and reception

Each season has around 20 episodes, averaging 22 or 23 in total. Season 3 was shorter than most, with just 16 episodes. Impressively, there has been a new season each year between 2005 and 2019. The average viewership for each season has been between 2 and 3 million, with the first season gaining the highest number of viewers and the 15th gaining the least.

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