One of the most talked-about series in recent times is The 100. This show is a science fiction drama which is set in a post-apocalyptic background. There is a novel series written by Kass Morgan bearing the same title, which the show is somewhat based on. At the center of the story is a group of people who have survived the apocalypse. Most of them are teenagers and criminals, and they are among the first to come back after a devastating nuclear event which hit Earth. They travel back to their home planet from a space habitat called the Ark, 97 years after the apocalypse took place.


The basic premise of The 100 is that a nuclear apocalypse has destroyed life on Earth, so humans have been forced to leave the planet and live on a space station which orbits it, called the Ark. There are three generations of humans who have been born in space, which means the craft is overcrowded. As a result, 100 juvenile detainees are sent down to Earth to see if it can be lived on. While they are on the planet, 97 years after the nuclear disaster, they discover that some people managed to survive while remaining on Earth. They are divided into various groups, such as the grounders, living in clans, the Reapers, who have become cannibals, and the Mountain Men. The juvenile detainees are led by Bellamy and Clarke, taking on the mission to survive the harsh new conditions on Earth, attempt to establish peace with those who had remained on the planet and get a line of communication up and running with the Ark.

Cast and characters

  • Clarke Griffin – Eliza Taylor
  • Finn Collins – Thomas McDonell
  • Bellamy Blake – Bob Morley
  • Octavia Blake – Marie Avgeropoulos
  • Jasper Jordan – Devon Bostick
  • Monty Green – Christopher Larkin
  • Raven Reyes – Lindsey Morgan
  • John Murphy – Richard Harmon
  • Wells Jaha – Eli Goree
  • Dr Abby Griffin – Paige Turco
  • Marcus Kane – Henry Ian Cusick
  • Thelonious Jaha – Isaiah Washington
  • Callie ‘Cece’ Cartwig – Kelly Hu
  • Lincoln – Ricky Whittle
  • Roan – Zach McGowan
  • Echo – Tasya Teles
  • Jordan Green – Shannon Kook
  • Sheidheda – JR Bourne
  • Xavier/Dr Gabriel Santiago – Chuku Modu
  • Hope Diyoza – Shelby Flannery

Filming locations

The primary filming location for The 100 is Vancouver, British Columbia. When the episodes went into post-production, work was carried out at the Cherry Beach Sound recording studio.

Episodes and reception

Each season of The 100 has either 13 or 16 episodes. The show first premiered in 2014, and was quickly renewed for a second run by The CW. Jumping forward to present day, The CW decided to give The 100 a seventh and final season in April 2019, which means there will be 100 episodes of this show in total.

Impressively, the average for this show on Rotten Tomatoes is 92% across its first six seasons. Meanwhile, with Metacritic, the series averages 63 out of 100 for its first season. While Rotten Tomatoes only gave season one of The 100 76%, the second season has 100%. Similarly, seasons five through seven also have a rating of 100%.

The first season of this show was licensed exclusively to Netflix in Canada, and in New Zealand it has been available to watch on TVNZ’s on-demand service. Meanwhile, UK and Ireland viewers were able to watch The 100 on E4. Notably, with a viewership of 1.39 million for the first episode, it was the biggest ever program launch for the channel.

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