One of the most well-known TV game shows around is Wheel of Fortune, and it has been on the air since 1975. The competition focuses on contestants solving puzzles and winning either cash or prizes as the result of spinning a huge wheel. Originally, this show was a daytime title which aired on NBC. However, it moved to CBS for the 90s and it is now a night-time show. It is the longest running syndicated game show in the US, with a whopping 7000 episodes taped as of May 2019. Indeed, it has been ranked by TV Guide magazine as second on the list of the 60 greatest ever game shows.


The main game is reminiscent of Hangman, as there is a category in each round with a blank word puzzle to be solved. The puzzles tend to be figures of speech which are in line with its corresponding category. From 2016, there have also been crosswords included in the competition. As for the Wheel of Fortune itself, this wheel has 24 different spaces – with each one representing a different sum of cash. However, those unlucky enough to hit the Bankrupt or Lose a Turn wedges will not be winning any cash at that time.

Cast and characters

Presenters on Wheel of Fortune over the years have included:

  • Chuck Woolery
  • Pat Sajak
  • Rolf Benirschke
  • Bob Goen
  • Susan Stafford
  • Vanna White

Narrators for the show have included:

  • Charlie O’Donnell
  • Jack Clark
  • MG Kelly
  • Jim Thornton

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