As Disney+ and Apple TV+ launch their respective streaming services, Amazon Prime Video is also filling up its content catalog – and the latest is a crowdfunding record-breaker called The Legend of Vox Machina.

The animated series, from Critical Role, is Kickstarter’s most-funded video project to date, as it had an initial goal of $750,000 and managed to gain over $11 million instead.

The two-part opening special and the first season will be available without a Prime Video subscription, but you will need one to watch further content in the series.

Vox Machina involves a storyline from Critical Role that sees adventurers bond as they come together to fight evil.

Posting on their Kickstarter page, the team said: ‘Our friends at Amazon have partnered with us to broadcast Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina…this partnership has allowed us to create two entire seasons and an additional two episodes per season.

‘That’s a total of 24 episodes of animated Vox Machina goodness that we cannot wait to share with you.’

Critical Role is a tabletop roleplaying game which is streamed on a weekly basis, starting out on Twitch. The characters in the game include a half-elf druid, a goliath barbarian and a gnome bard.

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