Fans of popular sci-fi series The Expanse were upset and outraged when SYFY made the decision to cancel the show after three seasons.

However, Amazon Prime Video has saved the day by picking up the show for at least another few seasons. What’s more, season four is now streaming.

The general story is set hundreds of years in the future, with humanity spread across the solar system. The species has split into three factions – Earth, Mars dwellers (Martians), and those who live among the asteroid belt (Belters).

Earth and Mars are at odds with each other, and while Earth has a superior military, Mars has dedicated marines. Meanwhile, Belters make money off whoever will offer it.

The Earth is run by the United Nations, and some members are working on secret projects with a businessman.

James Holden ensures his ice hauler responds to a distress signal from a derelict ship, and he and his crew are taken prisoner by a Martian ship called the Donnager.

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