Although this news has been on the radar for a few years, it now appears to be confirmed that Amazon is working on launching a live TV streaming service to take on competitors in a related field.

Not content with having its video on demand service, Amazon Prime Video, the retail giant is now reportedly looking to challenge companies such as Sling TV and YouTube TV by creating Amazon TV.

In the past, Bloomberg reported that Amazon had been unable to strike up deals which would create a profitable live TV service. However, now Sinclair has provided a fresh list of providers which will offer its new Marquee Sports Network – and one of them is Amazon TV.

Those who have looked into this have gone onto the Marquee Sports Network’s site and selected Amazon TV as their provider. Currently, there is a message which comes up stating the network isn’t available on Amazon TV. Then there is a link to However, this simply redirects to either buying TV sets on Amazon or Amazon Prime Video at present.

While this news is not confirmation that Amazon is launching a live TV service – and there are no official announcements just yet – some believe it must mean something that Sinclair wants to ask Amazon viewers to demand the giant is added to the list of providers for its new network.

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