The new animated Pokemon movie, titled Mewtwo Strikes Back: EVOLUTION, has had its debut release outside of Japan and Korea announced.

The feature will be on Netflix from February 27, 2020, and is in some ways a CGI remake of the 1998 Japan movie Pokemon: The First Movie, along with some changes.

This analysis, which comes from Mashable, describes the original as ’the creation of Mewtwo and Mewtwo’s own struggle with grappling with his existence.’

The Pokemon account on Twitter said ‘@NXonNetflix…are you ready?’ They got a reply of ’To trade some Pokemon? Battle some Pokemon? There are Pokemon involved, right?’

The Pokemon account said ’There are definitely Pokemon involved…two specific Pokemon, in fact. Are you READY?’

@NxOnNetflix demonstrated their eagerness by saying ‘YES. I’ve always thought humans had it too good for too long.’ @Pokemon simply said ‘Let’s do it.’

The synopsis of the movie given by @Pokemon on Twitter is as follows: ‘As the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo becomes aware of its own dubious origin, it begins to resent its human creators and seeks revenge…’

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