Apple TV+ has been out for a good few weeks now, and its five original series available at launch have now all been renewed.

The latest renewal announcement relates to Servant, which will now have a series two despite not even airing to viewers yet.

The show airs on Thursday, November 28. It follows the story of a Philadelphia couple who bring a nanny into their home after a tragedy. The series is produced by M Night Shyamalan.

After Sean and Dorothy Turner – played by Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose – experience the death of their baby, a fake one is brought in to help them recover. However, Dorothy becomes unable to let the baby doll go, so brings in a nanny – Leanne Grayson, played by Nell Tiger Free – to look after it.

Shyamalan spoke of the show during the New York Comic Con panel, saying: ‘I have a sense of the story, we know where it’s going to go. In my head, it’s 60 episodes, and that’s where we’re going to get… So for example that would be 30 episodes of Game of Thrones, so that would be three seasons or less of Game of Thrones, but over six years and done.’

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