Apple TV+ is about to launch, and with it comes original series such as See. Despite rumours that the streaming service would be focusing on strictly family friendly content, with producers instructed to avoid adult scenes such as those showing sex and violence, initial screenings have revealed that these rumours were far from true.

Those who have attended a screening of the first episode have said that See is a series which isn’t afraid of including adult themes. In fact, the start of this series will see scenes such as bloody fights and masturbation.

While this sounds extreme, it has been reported that the sexual scene fits with the character development of the person doing it. Meanwhile, although there isn’t any explicit nudity seen in the first episode, there is implication of sexual activity.

In the UK, the first episode of See will be rated as 15+ due to the violence and sexual content. There are even reports that some further episodes could be rated 18+.

See isn’t the only upcoming Apple TV+ series which will involve scenes of an adult nature. The Morning Show is said to feature a fairly large portion of swearing across the season. In fact, the listings on Apple’s TV website show that See, The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Servant and Truth Be Told are depicted with a rating of TV-MA. Furthermore, the upcoming movie Hala is rated R.

Apple TV+ is set to launch on November 1.

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