A new series is airing on CBS tonight, November 5 2020, and it’s called B Positive. The show has episodes lasting half an hour in duration and is a comedy sitcom.

The premise of the show is that a newly divorced therapist and father called Drew is in need of both a kidney transplant and a social life. However, the person who volunteers her kidney to him is a woman from his past called Gina.

The cast includes Thomas Middleditch as Drew and Annaleigh Ashford as Gina. A party girl called Leanne is played by Kether Donohue, while Sara Rue plays Drew’s ex-wife Julia.

There is currently a trailer available on YouTube, which shows Drew finding out he’s in renal failure and needs a kidney. Gina climbs through a window and says she will donate her kidney on the spur of the moment.

To stream B Positive tonight on CBS, fans can try out CBS All Access, which comes with a free trial before a monthly cost of $5.99.

Check out B Positive episodes free with CBS All Access.
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