People are always on the hunt for good movies, but this is particularly the case during the coronavirus lockdown.

The best movies are those which scare us or make us cry, so with that in mind, here are some of the best horror movies and sad movies available to stream on Netflix, Hulu and more.

Horror movies

In the Tall Grass – Two siblings go into a field of tall grass to try and retrieve a boy, but they realise they can’t get out. (Netflix)

The Silence – The world is being attacked by creatures who use sound to hunt people. A teenager without hearing becomes of interest. (Netflix)

A Quiet Place – A family must communicate using sign language in order to survive as creatures who are blind but noise-sensitive hunt the human race. (Netflix and Hulu)

Overlord – American paratroopers go behind enemy lines just before D-Day and realise there are sinister goings-on in a village occupied by Nazis. (Hulu and Prime Video)

The Prodigy – Miles is exhibiting signs of extreme intelligence, but his parents are horrified when his behaviour becomes violent and controlled by a supernatural force. (Hulu and Prime Video)

Sad movies

Irreplaceable You – Abbie receives a cancer diagnosis and decides to find new life in her love for her fiancé Sam. (Netflix)

Dallas Buyers Club – Ron, living in 1980s Texas, receives an AIDS diagnosis. He decides not to give in to his 30 days to live prognosis. (Netflix and Prime Video)

Blue Valentine – Dean and Cindy’s marriage is undergoing devastating turmoil due to her self-absorbed personality changes and his lack of ambition. (Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix and Sling TV)

Requiem for a Dream – Tells multiple stories which have the widowed Sara and her son Harry as the common link. (Hulu, Prime Video and HBO)

The Fault in Our Stars – Hazel is a teenage cancer patient who meets a boy like her in her support group and falls in love with him. (Hulu and Prime Video)

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