Staying fit during lockdown can be tough as the coronavirus pandemic has meant that gyms and other workout resources are suspended until life goes back to normal.

Fortunately, it’s easy to stream all kinds of workouts from the comfort of your own home – here are some of our top picks:

Sydney Cummings – 30 Day At-Home Workout Challenge

Sydney Cummings runs a fitness YouTube channel using bodyweight and minimal equipment. She uploads new videos to her channel regularly for the 30 Day At-Home Workout Challenge.

Aaptiv – Teen Spirit

The Aaptiv app provides what some call ‘the Netflix of workouts’. The Teen Spirit workout is designed for intermediate fitness fanatics who want nostalgic teenage pop hits.

Amazon Prime Video – 10 Minute Inner Thigh Trimming Workout

Available with Prime Video subscriptions, this workout with fitness instructor Banks Cooney is designed for the inner thigh muscles and will raise the heart rate for fat burn.

Aaptiv – EMOM

Get ready for an Every Minute On the Minute workout with Aaptiv, as this workout targets seven moves in seven minutes with focus on the arm muscles and abs.

Openfit – Rough Around The Edges

A crew of professional stuntwomen will put you through your paces and get results. These women have been seen in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies.

Openfit – 600 Secs

With a focus on keeping it fast, these focused 10 minute workouts let people tone their arms, legs and booties at home. You can try it now with a free trial of Openfit.

Beachbody – Insanity Max:30

This program says it will deliver insane results in just 14 days, with up to 9lbs lost. Super Trainer Shaun T gets people to work as hard as they can for as long as possible.

Beachbody – Country Heat

A low-impact workout which will still get you sweating by the end. A 30 minute session each day which allows people to dance the weight away. Available with Beachbody On Demand, free for 14 days.

Stay fit with access to a huge library of Aaptiv workouts.
Stream a range of fitness videos with Prime Video.