It’s been ten years since the last Tron movie, but yesterday (August 11th) news broke that the long-awaited next Tron movie now has a director attached – and Jared Leto has confirmed he will be starring, after first joining the project back in 2017.

Garth Davis will direct the next instalment in the Tron franchise. Davis is perhaps best known for directing 2016’s Lion, which was nominated for 6 Oscars – including Best Picture.

There are currently no plot details about the movie available, but Leto did possibly reveal the project’s title. Posting online, Leto referred to the movie as Tron: Ares. He soon deleted the reference to the potential name, changing his caption on Instagram to read:

‘I’m struck with such gratitude for the opportunity to bring this movie to life, especially as both the original video game and the film affected me so deeply as a young child. The fact that I get to be a part of this new chapter is mind-blowing. I am so very excited and proud to confirm that YES – I will be starring in TRON. We will work as hard as we possibly can to create something that I hope you all will love. We have some very special ideas in store for you all… See you in the grid!’

A release date for the movie hasn’t yet been announced, and the movie is reportedly still in its early stages – so may never hit our screens at all. This latest update seems to bode well for its eventual release, however.

For now, you can stream the first two Tron movies on Disney Plus. A subscription to the streaming service will also give you access to Disney’s massive entertainment library – including classic cartoons, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the entire Star Wars saga.

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