Back when Netflix was gaining in popularity and being used more by teenagers as an alternative to traditional TV viewing, the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ was born.

It left many parents confused about what it really meant, and although kids would tell them it just meant hanging out and watching some TV, it was commonly understood to mean that some sexual activity would be going down.

Now that the streaming wars are upon us, and Disney+ has launched, bringing with it an enormous vault of long-forgotten content, the Internet has found a need to come up with a new phrase to replace Netflix and chill – Disney Plus and Thrust.

What does it mean? Nothing too different from Netflix and chill. It simply means you’re inviting someone over to watch some movies or TV, then get it on.

Twitter users are now starting to post memes with the phrase ‘When you ready to Disney Plus and thrust’, showing that the era of Netflix being the go-to streaming service for such a mentality is officially over.

What’s more, some imaginative meme creators are coming up with further phrases to reflect the wide variety of streaming services currently on offer, such as ‘Amazon Prime and nasty time’.

There are further examples, but they get progressively more sexually explicit.

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