When Disney Plus launched in November, it was subject to extraordinary demand – in fact, over 10 million people had signed up in the first day. What’s more, there is now new data from research firm Apptopia which reveals that interest in the streaming platform won’t be quieting down any time soon.

The new streaming giant has already had its app downloaded to 22 million mobile devices, and Apptopia also highlights that around 9.5 million users are engaging with the app each day. As Apptopia doesn’t measure downloads to devices such as Apple TV or engagement on the web, the engagement and number of Disney+ users overall could be even higher.

There will be a more detailed idea of how Disney+ is faring in the streaming wars when Disney posts its fourth quarter earning results. As time goes on, both industry experts and consumers have questioned if enough people will switch from Netflix to Disney+ for Netflix to start feeling the pinch.

However, Netflix executives haven’t voiced any concern over the new services. For example, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said: ‘We have to continue to do what we’ve been doing, which is make the best content and deliver it seamlessly.

‘I think the bigger you are, the more distractions you have to your core business, the more likely you can’t move as quickly as we’ve been able to through our history. The new set of competitors is actually just the old set of competitors.’

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