Disney Plus has now released Togo, the movie about an unbreakable bond between a sled dog and his owner. The film stars Willem Dafoe as a dog sled trainer called Leonhard Seppala – however, animal fans have been left emotional after watching 12 year old Siberian husky Togo in the feature.

Togo played a vital role in the 1925 Nome Serum Run, which saw a dog sled transport diphtheria antitoxin across Alaska in order to save the small town and the communities around it from an epidemic outbreak.

Before the release of the movie, Balto the dog had received the most fame due to running the final 55 miles. However, Togo has now been given recognition for running a large portion of the journey through treacherous terrain.

Togo’s life was uncertain to begin with, as Seppala didn’t think Togo was suited to becoming a sled dog. However, he didn’t give up and prepared to endure the harsh climate in Alaska, rising through the ranks to become Seppala’s most-trusted dog.

The release of the movie has led to fans taking to social media in praise, encouraging others to watch it and revealing the feature left them in tears. One user said: ‘Hello, everyone please go watch “Togo” on Disney+ Warning: You will cry. Also thank you to Disney for this movie. I saw Balto as a kid, checked out his statue in Central Park and never knew Togo’s amazing story.’

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