Disney Plus subscribers have been treated to an extensive range of new and old content since the streaming service launched in select territories in November. But which branches of content are people most interested in watching? A new study has the answer.

Although Disney+ has been working hard on producing new originals, it would appear that most people want to look through the old hits and give themselves a wave of nostalgia. A new survey from The Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult has shown that around 22% of Disney+ subscribers from all age brackets report that they turn to classic content the most when they want to stream with the platform.

To break it down, the next most watched categories are Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel, with 21, 14 and 15% of viewers watching these the most. Millennial subscribers are reported to watch Disney classics the most, while Gen Z would be watching Disney Channel or Pixar titles the most. As for Gen X and Boomers, they are tuning in to Star Wars more than anything else on the platform.

Disney Plus has been subject to an explosion in popularity ever since its launch. In its first 24 hours, 3.2 million mobile app downloads were initiated and 1.3 million hours of viewing time were logged, according to Apptopia. While there were some technical issues immediately following the initial launch in the US, there were over 10 million subscribers just a day after it was first released to the public.

You can watch a huge amount of content on Disney+, ranging from classics in the extensive Disney Vault, the entire catalog of The Simpsons, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic libraries and Marvel films.

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