Disney+ has launched in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico, bringing with it a slew of content designed to bring back childhood nostalgia and get our own kids excited to watch new shows and movies.

Kevin Mayer, Disney’s direct to consumer chairman, recently spoke out at Recode’s Code Media conference in Los Angeles when he was asked about having more ‘grown up’ content.

The question raised a good point, as the majority of current content which isn’t either The Mandalorian or from National Geographic comes from the Disney Channel, making it focused on kids.

Mayer said in response: ‘We are adding more stuff that’s aimed at grown-ups. It takes time to create really high-quality original programming.

‘We don’t want to rush things through just to have volume, that’s not our philosophy. We want to do fewer things better.’

Disney+ fans can expect a lot of new Star Wars and Marvel content, including a second series of The Mandalorian and an Obi-Wan Kenobi series, as well as shows such as Wandavision, Loki, Ms Marvel and Hawkeye.

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