Amid all the news about Disney launching its own streaming service, CBS merging with Viacom and Amazon increasing its ad spending, there’s another update on the horizon to look out for – Apple TV Plus. Becoming available at some point during the fall, there will be a slew of original TV shows and movies for users to enjoy.

In the run up to its release, Apple has released teasers for two titles. For All Mankind is a historical creation from the person behind Battlestar Galactica, which shows what would have happened if Russia had been the first to put man on the moon. There is also The Morning Show, a drama about a morning news show which stars big names such as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

While many details are still unrevealed, there is some information we do know. For example, there won’t be ads as part of this service, it will be on offer in over 100 countries, and up to five family members will be able to share a plan. US viewers will be able to use the service first, before it’s rolled out to other locations. Furthermore, the platform will be available on all Apple devices with the new Apple TV app. You will also be able to download Apple TV Plus on Roku, Amazon Fire TV services and smart TVs from brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung and Vizio.

There aren’t too many details on the content which will be available, but there are five which have reportedly finished shooting. There’s the above mentioned For All Mankind, a thriller called Servant from the director of Sixth Sense, a mystery drama titled Are You Sleeping?,  a comedy called Mythic Quest from the creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a comedy about poet Emily Dickinson, played by Hailee Steinfeld.

Other content to expect includes above mentioned The Morning Show, an anthology series called Amazing Stories, a sci-fi drama starring Jason Momoa called See, a creation from Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani and his wife called Little America, a cartoon musical called Central Park from the mind behind Bob’s Burgers and a docuseries called Home.

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