The COO of premium sports streaming platform Fite TV has described his astonishment at the viewership on AEW.

All Elite Wrestling launched its weekly TV show, called Dynamite, on October 2. The content has helped to build up an engaged global following.

COO Michael Weber recently spoke out on The Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast, describing the live viewership for Dynamite in Europe as ‘quite staggering’.

He said: ‘We offer a subscription called AEW Plus that’s not available in the US, Canada, Germany or France but is available in the rest of the world. It’s been bought in over 100 countries and initially the interest was very encouraging and it’s had a steady climb.

‘What gets me is that I get the numbers of people watching it live and it’s quite staggering how many people are watching it live from Europe which is early in the morning. They have a strong and loyal following.’

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