It’s safe to say that Frozen instantly became a cult classic, with huge demand for both the original – and its sequel – leading to one question: When will Frozen 2 become available on Disney+?

In mid-November, the second film came out, but so far there has been no clue as to when the feature will make it onto the brand new streaming platform.

Fortunately, Newsweek has come up with a formula to work out when the film should be available for streaming fans.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Disney isn’t changing its timeframe as far as taking a film from its cinema release to streaming services is concerned. Furthermore, a film stays in cinemas for 90 days. Beyond this point, it will be released on DVD, 4K and Blu-ray a few weeks later.

After that, Disney+ picks up the film four months after the home entertainment release. This is what happened when Netflix picked up Disney films before Disney+ was released.

In other words, all Disney films should be available on the streaming service seven months after their debut in cinemas. So for Frozen 2, it would be reasonable to expect the film on Disney+ around June 2020, with the DVD being released in February or March of that year.

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