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Today, July 10, has seen streaming service Apple TV+ release its new movie Greyhound, which stars Tom Hanks.

The movie, which is set in WWII, sees captain Ernest Krause lead a convoy of 37 ships across the North Atlantic while Nazi U-Boats are on his tail.

The big stars in this title include:

  • Tom Hanks – Admiral Krause
  • Stephen Graham – Charlie Cole
  • Elisabeth Shue – Evelyn
  • Rob Morgan – Cleveland
  • Tom Brittney – Lt Watson
  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo – Lopez
  • Karl Glusman – Eppstein
  • Chet Hanks – Bushnell
  • Jimi Stanton – Lt Harbutt
  • Matt Helm – Lt Nystrom
  • Devin Druid – Wallace

On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has an audience score of 87% at the time of writing, based on 46 user ratings. Meanwhile, the tomatometer is set at 76% with a total count of 106.

The Critics Consensus according to this site is that the action sequences pack more of a punch than the character depiction, but the thriller is fast-paced and ‘efficiently economical’ in its approach.

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