A survey from PostTrak has revealed that the rise of streaming services hasn’t crushed the cinema industry as some expected – in fact, just under 35% of all who counted themselves as movie theater goers also said they frequently streamed content.

With video on demand platforms exploding in popularity, it was thought that the millennial demographic would be one of the first to ditch regular trips to the movies. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as this group continues to be the biggest presence at cinemas year on year. In fact, millennials represent 25% of all movie ticket buyers.

The study reveals that people aren’t choosing one content consumption over another. Far from it, they are making the most of both, leading to both the cinema and streaming services industries co-existing in harmony.

A study released from NRG Deadline revealed that people see streaming as valuable alongside paying for a movie ticket, but over half polled stated they would prefer to see movies in a theater. What’s more, results reveal that just under a quarter of those who go to the movies regularly will see three shows in 60 days, while just under 23% would see two and just over 19% viewed four titles on average.

The classic practice of taking a date to the movies also hasn’t died out, with just under a fifth of movie goers choosing this location as a romantic destination. The PostTrak survey went on to discover that people tend to visit the movies with between one and four friends. Those polled by PostTrak enjoyed adventure movies the most, with those released in November getting a much better response than those which came out in January.

PostTrak has surveyed 1.25 million people over the last seven years. These people spent a total of $73 billion at the domestic box office.

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