HBO Max is raking in content ahead of its launch in spring 2020, and one of the latest announcements is that four new specials of Cartoon Network series Adventure Time will be coming to the streaming service.

The news will be a source of excitement for fans of the series, which came to an end in 2018. Each episode is set to be an hour long, and is titled overall as Adventure Time: Distant Lands. The episodes coming up are titled BMO, Obsidian, Wizard City and Together Again.

In BMO, there will be a deadly space emergency far out in the outskirts of the galaxy, where BMO is the hero to call. In Obsidian, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum travel to the Glass Kingdom and explore their past in order to combat an impending disaster.

The following two episodes will debut on the service separately, at a later date. In Wizard City, Peppermint Butler starts at the beginning in Wizard School. However, mysterious goings-on at the campus end up leading those around Peppermint to suspect him of foul play, especially due to his troubled past. He then has to master the mystic arts so he can prove he is innocent in time. In Together Again, Finn and Jake come back together and explore their bond again. They go on to embark on the most important adventure they’ve ever undertaken.

Rob Sorcher, Chief Content Officer of Cartoon Network Studios, released a statement where he said: ‘Adventure Time was a groundbreaking series and a creative playground for so many talented creative artists.

‘Producing Adventure Time: Distant Lands for HBO Max will allow our studio to explore this beloved world in an all-new format.’

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