AT&T has revealed a whole host of programming and content announcements for upcoming streaming service HBO Max as part of its preview day.

While WarnerMedia has thousands of movies and TV shows which will be available at launch, such as fan favourite Friends and the DC Extended Universe, plus prestige series from HBO, new shows and films will also be vital.

As such, the stream of announcements which have recently been revealed show that HBO Max is investing in new content as well as gathering plenty of popular existing programs. Here’s an overview of the news which was released:

Rick and Morty available on HBO Max – Hulu has extended its deal with WarnerMedia, meaning that all 31 episodes of the Adult Swim show will be available on HBO Max. The fourth season of Rick and Morty comes out on November 10.

South Park streaming rights – The long-running Comedy Central show is leaving its home on Hulu to join HBO Max. All 23 seasons will become available on the new platform in June 2020.

New Looney Tunes episodes – HBO Max has been investing heavily in childrens’ and family programming, so it makes sense that WarnerMedia would announce a new collection of Looney Tunes Cartoons. There will also be classic shows available on the platform, and a new series called Tooned Out.

New DC Comics shows – Greg Berlanti, a well-known producer in the industry, is working on two new DC Comics creations. One is inspired by Green Lantern, and the other is called Strange Adventures.

DC Super Hero High – Elizabeth Banks is the woman behind new show DC Super Hero High. The 30 minute comedy chronicles the journeys of students who aren’t aware of their superhero powers, instead learning to navigate teenage lives with special abilities.

Comedy specials from Conan O’Brien – Spring 2020 will see five stand-up specials come to HBO Max, with Conan O’Brien at the helm of the operation. The talent will be picked especially by him.

New sci-fi series Raised by Wolves – Storyteller and filmmaker Ridley Scott is creating a sci-fi series called Raised by Wolves, which chronicles the journey of two androids who raise human children on an alien planet.

Bobbie Sue movie – This feature length film stars Gina Rodriguez, who plays a lawyer called Bobbie Sue who lands a case which could make her career. She learns that she was hired by the law firm purely to make them look good, and that her client is covering up the exploitation of workers at her company. She therefore decides to take on both her client and her law firm.

College Girls – Mindy Kaling brings this show to HBO Max, which follows three freshmen roommates at college in Vermont. It’s a single-camera comedy which lasts for half an hour.

Rap Sh*t – From Issa Rae, this show (which currently has the working title Rap Sh*t) depicts a rap group comprising all females just outside Miami who are trying to make it in the music industry. This is a comedy feature lasting for 30 minutes.

HBO Max launches in May 2020 and will be $14.99 a month for US subscribers.

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