Those who are interested in political news will most likely want to check out HBO two-parter Agents of Chaos, which takes a look at how a Russian operation caused a major disruption to US politics. Directed by Alex Gibney, the documentary explores a number of angles investigating what motivated those who were part of it.

Along with reporters based in Russia and Lowell Bergman, the documentary takes a look at the campaign which was carried out under Vladimir Putin’s government. Viewers can expect to find out about how people involved were motivated in some cases by greed, while others were not aware enough of their actions.

The documentary comprises a number of interviews from both those who were instrumental to the operation and people who have been observing from the outside. To be precise, interviews include one on ones with people such as Carter Page, Trump’s campaign advisor, and a business associate named Felix Sater.

There are also academics involved in the piece, and they question the US government in its response to the operation, while the media is also blamed for its campaign coverage during the time. Previously, Gibney worked on a documentary called Citizen K which focused on how Russian oligarchs rose to power and how they were connected to Putin.

To check out part one, tune into HBO at 9pm ET and check out the interviews, exclusive footage and more to gain an insight into how Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Furthermore, if you want to check out part two tomorrow, it will be airing on HBO at the same time.

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