A new series has begun on Bravo, and it’s called Camp Getaway. The show looks at the lives of those who work at an adult summer camp located in Connecticut.

Those focused on include counsellors and other staff, who are employed at the location in the Berkshire Mountains in Kent.

The real location is roughly 90 minutes from New York City by car, and there are many activities available during adult camps such as wine tastings, pub hikes and beer pong.

Episode two of season one airs tonight, May 11, and shows how the new staff deal with a mountain of requests from the guests. Meanwhile, Adam could be embarking on a new romance and Nile flouts camp rules.

Camp Getaway is available to stream on Sling TV tonight. In fact, Happy Hour lets viewers tune in for free TV between 5pm and midnight each day, so you can watch it at 10/9c with no additional charge!

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