Those who are familiar with Paramount shows will likely be a fan of its biggest TV series to date, Yellowstone. However, while people may presume the episodes would be available on Paramount+, this isn’t actually the case.

It makes sense that viewers will want to know where they can stream the new season of Yellowstone once season four begins on Sunday. Those who can watch it live will be able to do so as usual on the Paramount Network.

Those who need to watch on demand, though, will have to go over to Peacock’s platform, confusingly enough. Furthermore, season four episodes will not be available on Peacock until around three months have elapsed following the end of the season on Paramount Network.

Having Yellowstone on Peacock may be confusing, but it’s likely the execs at Paramount aren’t happy about it either. Previously, they gave some of their premier content away to other services in order to make money in the short term. This is what they did with South Park, too, as the episodes currently live on HBO Max.

Paramount is doing its best to reclaim must-watch content where it can, though. Not only are they commissioning South Park movies that will live on Paramount+, they are also creating a Yellowstone prequel series specifically for the platform. Watch this space.

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