Watch Be Water on ESPN Plus tonight.

ESPN’s Be Water documentary is part of the sports channel’s 30 for 30 series, and it is making its debut on TV tonight.

The documentary offers a deep insight into Bruce Lee’s life, which many know includes an outstanding career in both martial arts and film.

Director Bao Nguyen shares the impressive story of Lee’s birth in the U.S., followed by his life in Hong Kong, and finally, his return to America.

He depicts Lee’s first attempts to get to Hollywood during a period in which studios were harshly discriminating against Asian actors due to numerous prejudices and stereotypes.

Nguyen also showcases Lee’s life while he attended the University of Washington, followed by his experience teaching martial arts to both non-Asian and Asian students – which was regarded as unconventional.

Be Water can be streamed on ESPN Plus, and the good news is – this platform costs just $4.99 a month, so you can enjoy the entire 30 for 30 series without spending more than a few dollars.

Check out Be Water on ESPN Plus now.