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The latest episode of hugely popular series Stargirl is airing on The CW tonight, with fans flocking to tune in to the brand new scenes.

Stargirl first came into existence back in 1999, in the comic known as Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. by Geoff Johns. Now she has returned as Courtney Whitmore, played by Brec Bassinger.

Stargirl’s stepfather, Pat Dugan (played by Luke Wilson) aims to work with her to find who is responsible for wiping out the Justice Society.

The heroine inspires a new group of heroes in this series, who are referred to as the Justice Society of America.

Some of the villains in the show are The Injustice Society: Wizard, Tigress, Icicle, and Solomon Grundy.

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Stream Stargirl episodes with fuboTV now.