A survey carried out by PCMag has revealed that many current streaming service subscribers aren’t considering signing up to any of the new ones set to launch. Over the next year, new streaming providers such as Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+ and a platform from NBCUniversal will be released onto the market – but there are plenty of consumers who won’t be interested in exploring any of them.

The survey took into account the views and opinions of 1001 US consumers who use streaming services, and questioned their subscription preferences, viewing habits, preferred types of content and more. One of the questions concerned the new services set to launch in the coming months, and asked whether consumers would consider them to be worth switching from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and so on for, or whether they would want to pay a higher amount each month for various streaming services.

While the autumn will see Apple TV+ and Disney+, and 2020 will bring with it HBO Max and the offering from NBCUniversal, with plenty of original content as well as highly popular titles such as The Office and Friends, the majority of those surveyed revealed they have no plans on subscribing to these new streaming choices.

That being said, the service with the most interest from this survey was Disney+, as 14% of those who currently use streaming services have plans to check out the new platform. The media giant will release its streaming platform on November 12, and the content library will include original titles based around the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, as well as many movies and shows from the Disney Channel, Pixar, National Geographic and so on.

In second place in terms of interest were Apple TV+ and HBO Max, where 5% of those surveyed indicated interest in subscribing to these new offerings. Meanwhile, AT&T Now only interested 3%, and NBCUniversal had only attracted 2%. PCMag will be releasing more information from their survey in the near future.

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