There are plenty of classic Disney Channel series out there, and one of them is Dog With A Blog.

Comprising three seasons, the show sees two step-siblings who are at odds with each other unite when they discover their new dog can talk and write.

Episodes aired between 2012 and 2015, so fans of the show have been looking for the show on the relatively new streaming service Disney Plus.

However, there doesn’t appear to be any mention of the show on the platform when it’s searched for.

A Reddit thread shows a user question why the show isn’t present, saying ‘very confused cause I loved the show as a kid and would want it on there can anyone give me a hint of what’s going on.’

However, those who replied either hadn’t heard of the show or simply agreed that they love the show.

Another thread was removed by a mod, and the comment says:

Disney owns an enormous library, and this question gets to be repetitive. These posts have proven to be a problem for our community, mainly because the answer is usually repetitive or unknowable. Reasons are generally that the content is:
* licensed to a different streaming service
* a recent release waiting for the end of the theatrical and home video release windows
* not a Disney movie/show, or Disney no longer owns the distribution rights
* not on brand for the Disney+ service
* being remastered for future release

Interestingly, there was a petition started online 5 months ago which has over 3000 supporters to date.

The poster says that the ‘classic’ is ‘strangely absent’ from Disney Plus; they argue that the show is incredible and ‘should be widely available to legally watch on Disney+’.

Hopefully the show will be added soon!

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