The New Mutants has had major problems releasing. Originally slated to hit theaters April 2018, the movie was delayed until February 2019, apparently to allow for reshoots that would change the movie’s tone. It was then pushed back to August 2019, while X-Men film Dark Phoenix took the February slot. Then, after Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, The New Mutants’s release was reset for April 3rd 2020 to fit with Disney’s release slate.

Finally, in March 2020, Disney again delayed The New Mutants due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s currently marked for theatrical release on August 28th 2020, but a fresh rumour suggests The New Mutants could in fact be released on Disney Plus this September 4th.

The rumour originates from a trailer for The New Mutants that surfaced online yesterday (July 21st). The trailer claimed The New Mutants would be ‘streaming exclusively September 4th’ on Disney Plus. But is the trailer real?

Apparently not. Disney have reportedly confirmed that the trailer is fan-made, suggesting the movie is still aiming for its August theatrical release slot. Following the news that Warner Bros. have indefinitely delayed their upcoming blockbuster Tenet, it remains to be seen if The New Mutants will hold firm, move later in the release calendar or premiere on Disney Plus after all.

The New Mutants will appear at [email protected] tomorrow (23rd July) at 5pm ET, so we may find out if there are any release-related updates then. You can watch the panel on YouTube.

The movie features Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and Split lead Anya Taylor-Joy. Originally set to tie into Fox’s X-Men universe, it now seems to exist entirely as a standalone X-Men story.

While you wait for The New Mutants, check out Disney Plus to stream the entire MCU. From Spider-Man: Far From Home and massive crossover Avengers: Endgame, all the way back to Iron Man, there’s plenty of Marvel content to get your teeth into – and even more on its way when new original TV shows like Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier hit the service.

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