You may know her as Penny from The Big Bang Theory, but Kaley Cuoco has taken on a completely different role by voicing the animated Harley Quinn for the upcoming DC Universe series.

Now there is a new trailer out for the show, and it’s clear the animation isn’t for kids as every character repeatedly drops the F-bomb. What’s more, Harley crushes skulls and attacks people with baseball bats.

In the trailer, DC fans will see classic characters such as the Joker, Aquaman and Batman – but this time, Harley is in the driver’s seat as the lead of her own story.

Kaley said: ‘This show is completely out of control. Harley Quinn is a blast of a character, and she’s nuts.’ Meanwhile, executive producer Justin Halpern said: ‘Kaley really embraced the idea of “I’m gonna just give the craziest performance I can, and then start to figure out exactly where it should live.”

‘This is a show that has supervillains and superheroes, so it needs to have awesome battles, crazy fights, and s**t exploding.’

The story involves Harley realising that the Joker never loved her, so she joins forces with Poison Ivy to create a new group of villains in order to compete with him.

The Joker is voiced by Alan Tudyk, Lake Bell is Poison Ivy, Rahul Kohli is Scarecrow, Sanaa Lathan is Catwoman, Diedrich Bader is Batman, Tony Hale is Doctor Psycho and Chris Meloni is Commissioner Gordon.

The series – which is made up of 26 episodes – comes to US viewers on streaming service DC Universe from November 29.

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