New streaming service Peacock, named after the NBC logo, is on the horizon, and in preparation of its launch in April 2020, the company is making some major changes to its leadership.

There will be around 15,000 hours of content available on the platform once it becomes available, and the service had been being developed by chairwoman Bonnie Hammer. However, she is no longer the head of Peacock, with Matt Strauss being moved into the position instead.

Strauss is an executive who has worked on NBCUniversal’s parent company Comcast for quite some time, and he was previously the executive vice president of Xfinity Services. Hammer is still present in company operations, and she is now the head of NBCUniversal Content Studios, which is a new branch of the company.

Stephen B Burke, chief executive of NBCUniversal, said of Hammer: “Bonnie’s great taste, deep Hollywood relationships, and strong track record of generating popular and award-winning programming make her ideally suited to oversee this new division.”

He also spoke of Strauss, adding: “He has great experience with video, digital technology and streaming and is the right person for the role at this juncture.”

Peacock will be joining a mounting list of new streaming services when it debuts in April, which includes Apple TV+, Disney+ and HBO Max. Well-established services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video will also be part of the competition.

Content subscribers can expect from Peacock includes seasons of Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Downton Abbey, Friday Night Lights, Parks and Recreation and Cheers. Furthermore, as NBCUniversal regained the rights to The Office in June 2019, this show will be available on Peacock from 2021.

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