There hasn’t been much news about NBC’s upcoming streaming service, Peacock, lately, but now there is new information about how the pricing tiers will work. A new report from CNBC has told us what kind of subscription options we can expect from the platform when it launches in 2020.

Previously, we knew that Peacock would be offering advertising-supported content which wouldn’t require a paid subscription. This is still the case, but it’s just one of the tiers which will be available. In addition, there will be a limited advertising tier for $5 a month and an ad-free tier for $10 per month.

If you sign up for the free tier, there will not be as much content available as you would get with the paid options. One example is that the free service isn’t likely to include the full series of The Office.

The new report has also shed light on how NBC is planning to incorporate live TV into the streaming service. When users launch the Peacock app, they will be ‘greeted by streaming content, similar to turning on traditional television’. Apparently, the video could be ‘a live offering from NBC News Now, NBC’s free streaming news service that will integrate with Peacock, or an on-demand show.’

One of the main perks of Peacock will be its library of content. It’s been reported that there will be over 15,000 hours worth of titles available, with both new originals and classic shows which the platform has acquired.

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