Fresh information about the international plans for multiple streaming services have been revealed recently as Amazon, HBO Max and Netflix unveiled their strategies in London.

Netflix revealed they would be increasing their output of non English language originals, while HBO Max is laying the groundwork for an international launch but their focus is currently on the domestic launch in May 2020.

Meanwhile, Amazon said it wasn’t concentrating on volume right now, instead focusing on a number of its local shows at the talk. Georgia Brown, Amazon’s European originals director, said their originals strategy was ‘hyper-local, with a spotlight on local production, local language to drive subscribers in those territories.’

She brushed off production of non English language titles for a global market, saying that ‘language is kind of irrelevant now.’ She added that ‘‘audiences are very open – they just want fantastic content and to fall into those worlds.’

Netflix originals director Kelly Luegenbiehl spoke of how they were focusing on both quantity and quality, saying the platform wants to create twice the titles for non English language markets.

They are looking to create a foreign language version of Bandersnatch, plus unscripted, comedy and childrens’ content.

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