Netflix has announced a new documentary, which will look into the case of Aaron Hernandez. The three part series will be released on January 15, 2020, and examine how Hernandez went from NFL star to killer.

Hernandez was a gifted athlete who was drafted into the NFL aged 20. However, 2013 would see him become a household name just after he signed a five year, $40 million contract with the New England Patriots.

The series synopsis describes it as ‘the most infamous murder case involving an American athlete since OJ Simpson’. Hernandez went on trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd and two men from the Boston area. Netflix describes how the trials uncovered ‘a tumultuous and often abusive upbringing, a growing fascination with gang life, and other discoveries that painted a maelstrom of motivations behind his violent behavior.’

The series will include exclusive footage from the courtroom, phone calls Hernandez made from prison and interviews with those who knew him. The story of Hernandez’ life ends with his suicide in prison in 2017, which took place alongside reports of him being linked to a fourth murder victim.

During a conversation with Hernandez’s former cellmate, Kyle Kennedy, it was revealed that the killer ‘always used to tell me he had four murders. He would just always, all the time joke around saying ‘I got four bodies’,’.

Hernandez played for the Patriots between 2010 and 2012, experiencing his best season in 2011 when the team went to the Super Bowl.

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