It’s safe to say that The Irishman on Netflix is hugely popular, and now the streaming platform has provided viewing figures for the titles’ debut.

The crime drama from director Martin Scorsese apparently received over 26 million streams during its first seven days on Netflix. This figure is similar to Bird Box in terms of views during the first week.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, states that the figure comprises all accounts who watched at least 70% of the film. It also doesn’t include the film’s theatrical run, which lasted for a month.

Ratings firm Nielsen had previously published an estimate, saying that just over 13 million viewers had tuned in to the feature in the first five days. While Netflix’s figure for seven days is clearly a little longer, they were off by around 50%.

Generally speaking, Netflix does not release exact viewing figures for content, which means that the number for The Irishman is particularly interesting.

It certainly means that Netflix is happy with the figure for the title, which reportedly cost $160 million to make.

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