It’s no secret that Netflix places more of a focus on international content than some other streaming services, and now the media giant is producing an original docuseries about Japanese boy band ARASHI.

The docuseries will show both concert and archival footage, tracking the hit group’s journey from the start and chronicling their explosion of fame across Japan.

Those who are fans of the band – or want to learn more about them – will be able to follow ARASHI on tour until their planned hiatus, which is set to begin from December 31, 2020. The group has been active for 20 years, having launched in 1999.

Jun Matsumoto from ARASHI said: ‘I can’t imagine how this next year will unfold as this journey comes to an end. However, I know the series will depict us, in the flesh, in a way fans have never seen before.

‘Teaming up with Netflix means the show will stream in 190 countries. I think it’d be great if people who aren’t familiar with us can see the kind of entertainment that exists in Japan.

‘Hopefully, it’ll give them the chance to come in contact with the culture and humanity you see in Japan.’

Kaata Sakamoto, Director of Content Acquisition at Netflix, said: ‘Arashi is one of the most successful Japanese bands [in] history. We are incredibly humbled to follow their journey for the next 12 months.

‘ARASHI’s Diary – Voyage – is a documentary series that plugs into their lives, focused on bringing untold stories before fans around the world. We cannot wait to take Netflix members on a journey through the final chapters of their careers.’

The show will comprise 20 episodes and will be released monthly from December 31 for the next year.

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