Netflix is making big changes to the comedy content it hosts on its streaming platform, scaling back on the amount of stand-up specials it produces each year.

The media giant has previously invested in multiple comedy projects, with big names including Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Chappelle and Jenny Slate.

However, despite this generous and regular production of content, Bloomberg has reported that a major overhaul is on the horizon.

The publication has revealed that so far, Netflix has released 30 stand-up specials, which is significantly less than the 50 seen in 2018.

Netflix says it’s refining its strategy after using stand-up as a way to entice new subscribers in recent years. There are still plenty of specials coming out on the platform, but more investments are now being made in sub-genres such as sketch comedy and shorter sets from comedians who aren’t as well known.

Industry executives have reported that Netflix’s work in producing stand-up comedy specials has drawn attention to comedy on a broader scale, leading to an increase in demand for one-hour specials and higher attendance at clubs and festivals. Therefore, Netflix slowing down its investment in this area could spell trouble for the market.

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