Netflix has revealed the trailer for comedian Kevin Hart’s new documentary, Don’t F**k This Up. The programme reveals how Hart navigated a difficult year following a controversy which saw him step down from hosting the Oscars after old homophobic tweets came out of the woodwork.

The documentary aims to shed an alternative light on what many may understand about the situation. At one point, Kevin is asked if he has any regrets, to which he responds: ‘Let’s just stop it right there. Before people judge…I want you to understand that there’s a lot that you don’t know.’

Viewers will be able to see the comedian on the road, dealing with his cheating drama and, of course, the Oscars scandal. Hart is seen saying: ‘When you’re truly fucked up, some anger that you’re holding onto…you’re going to let it out. These are the moments where you realize that you’re nowhere near where you need to be.’

The docuseries comes in six parts and will provide a unique look into Hart’s daily life. There will be interviews with family and friends, plus footage from his childhood and early days as a stand-up comedian.

As he reflects on his path towards success, he says: ‘You can think you got it all together. Something stupid can happen that can take it all away like that.’

Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up will be available on Netflix from December 27, 2019.

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