Rick and Morty season four recently began coming out, with the hotly anticipated show’s return greeted by an overwhelmingly positive response. However, while the new series is available on Netflix, this is only true of some regions across the world – with the US not being one of them.

While fans got their hopes up after seeing the announcement of season four coming to Netflix via their Twitter, with an entry for the series appearing on the interface, the episodes didn’t become available in all markets. Instead, they dropped in non-English speaking locations such as Turkey.

Those in the US can currently watch the first three seasons of Rick and Morty on Hulu. The fourth season can be viewed on the Adult Swim streaming app, which you need a cable login to access. Alternatively, you can purchase individual episodes in digital stores such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and Google Play.

It would be realistic to expect that season four of Rick and Morty won’t be on Netflix in the US, as Adult Swim’s parent company is WarnerMedia – which fans will know is launching its own streaming service, HBO Max, in the next few months. As Rick and Morty has already been revealed as part of the upcoming library, a subscription to HBO Max is probably what you’ll need to retain regular access to the extra-terrestrial adventures.

Rick and Morty received a huge 70 episode renewal last year, with its most recent episodes being eagerly watched by fans. The show is currently on hiatus, and will return sometime in 2020.

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