It’s been a while since Altered Carbon first made its debut on Netflix, with fans enjoying the look at a dystopian, cyberpunk future with a thriller twist.

Now the second season of the show has a release date set for February 27, so people can view the next instalment of the storyline which sees humans achieve immortality by swapping their consciousness into other bodies, referred to as ‘sleeves’.

The first season saw Joel Kinnaman, Martha Higareda and Chris Conner in starring roles, and Netflix revealed that a second season was in the works in July 2018.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that Anthony Mackie would star. The actor is known for his work in The Hurt Locker and as Falcon in the Marvel movies.

The second season of Altered Carbon comprises eight episodes, and will be released in full on the streaming platform in a month’s time. The premise is based on Richard Morgan’s science fiction books.

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