Stranger Things is probably one of the most hotly anticipated shows on Netflix when it comes to the release of the next season. So fans were inevitably sent into meltdown when a new teaser for season 4 was released.

The trailer itself doesn’t reveal too much about what’s coming up in the show. It centers around a railroad construction site in Russia, with workers toiling away in the bitter cold.

However, the teaser does drop a major spoiler that fans have been wondering about since the end of season three – Hopper is, in fact, alive. This is a huge relief for viewers, as the beloved Hawkins cop had seemed to have perished in a portal to the Upside Down in the previous season.

Fans have begun speculating about how Hopper – played by David Harbour – survived, saying that it could have something to do with the Russians previously being shown to have a captive Demogorgon monster.

There isn’t a release date for season four yet, but Millie Bobby Brown – who plays Eleven – recently revealed to fans that they were going to begin filming soon.

Seasons one through three of Stranger Things are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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