Netflix is working on a CGI adaptation of well-known manga Ghost in the Shell, which was made into an anime film in 1995 and recreated as an American science fiction film starring Scarlett Johansson.

The media giant recently released a trailer of the new show, which is called Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. It is being made by Kenji Kamiyama, who has worked on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Shinji Aramaki, who is known for Appleseed.

The show was first announced by Netflix on Twitter in December 2018, but the trailer has revealed a further surprise. Namely, the fact that the animation style used is 3DCG, using an art style which aims to resemble hand-drawn anime.

In the trailer, Major Motoko Kusanagi is shown driving out of a ruined city in a vehicle with a Tachikoma riding in the back. The Tachikomas are AI-powered robots which featured in the first two seasons of the Stand-Alone Complex series. Kusanagi goes on to step out of the car and say that it’s ‘wonderful not to have any noise’.

A summary from Netflix states that ‘In the year 2045, after global capitalism has defaulted, Japan’s elite Section 9 begins conducting covert cyber operations.’ This is a fairly big time jump, as the first season of the Stand-Alone Complex was set in 2030.

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