Netflix series The Crown may be hugely popular, but lately the show has been subject to controversy due to a comment made by one of the characters. The Daily Mail has reported that Scottish citizens were left offended after Helena Bonham Carter – who plays Princess Margaret – commented about inbreeding in the region.

The scene in question sees Margaret go into a Peebles store so she can buy a bathing suit for her love interest, Roddy Llewellyn. However, she proceeds to say ‘I think we’ve stumbled across an experiment in inbreeding’ when referring to the residents.

Labour MSP for South Scotland, Colin Smyth, told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s common knowledge locally that Princess Margaret probably did meet Roddy Llewellyn in the beautiful Borders and took advantage of the fantastic shops in Peebles to impress him. So for once ‘The Crown’ seems to have got something right – it’s just a shame they blow it with this crass and offensive comment.’

Previously, Olivia Colman – who plays the Queen in season three – revealed during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show that Prince William said he hadn’t seen The Crown when asked.

Season 3 of The Crown made its debut on Netflix on November 17. All three seasons can be watched now on the popular streaming service.

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