The Witcher has now dropped on Netflix, and news from those who were involved in the production has left social media users swooning. According to the show’s costume designer, Henry Cavill prepared so well for his role that his bulging muscles ‘wore down the leather’ of his armor.

Those who have begun – or even finished – watching the series will know that Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia, a mutated warrior who was created for the purpose of killing monsters across the continent.

Polygon reporters paid a visit to the set of The Witcher, revealing the muscles fact amongst others after speaking with those behind the scenes. Another discussion resulted in the discovery that Cavill played a large part in the compilation of his own materials and looks.

Geralt is dressed in studded leather armor, complemented by large shoulder plates and a number of belts, straps and panels. However, while these costume details were meant to cover up Cavill’s muscles, it seems as though his bulging physique had a mind of its own.

When social media users discovered this fact, one suggestion to counteract this problem was to ‘stop putting clothes on him’. Meanwhile, some were divided, wondering if it was ‘cheap or sexy’, while others took the situation very literally by piping up with suggestions about leather care.

The Witcher has received largely positive reviews since its debut on Netflix, with casual audiences rating it 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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