13 Reasons Why is one of the most popular Netflix Originals, and it will soon be returning for season 4.

New character Diego Torres, played by JanLuis Castellanos, spoke exclusively to PopCulture.com about what’s coming up in the new season.

Diego has been described as ‘an intensely charismatic and loyal leader’. Castellanos said: ‘He is tormented by the fact that he can’t understand his own emotions and turns to Liberty High’s most complex women to help heal his heart.’

He also spoke about how the new season will fit in with the old ones, which include the deaths of Hannah and Bryce, saying: ‘Well, just like any high school experience, a lot has happened during the first three years.

‘I think it’s safe to say that the past three years have had a major impact on where we are now and where we are going with Season 4.’

Season 4 does not yet have a concrete release date, but with cast members providing interviews, one can guess that it may be soon.

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