Today there are plenty of new movies to check out on Netflix, along with TV episodes and more. We have highlighted some of the best choices below.

My Octopus Teacher (2020) – This title chronicles the tale of a diver who swims with an octopus residing in a kelp forest near South Africa’s coastline.

Record of Youth (Season 1) – This South-Korean romantic-drama is a Netflix Original and shows three fashionistas on a journey to hit the big time – but class struggles are their main obstacle.

Cargo (2019) – This title is a science fiction movie from India, in the Hindi language. It tells the tale of Prahastha – who works for a company which recycles the dead for their next life.

Midnight Special (2016) – A movie which focuses on a group of religious extremists hunting down a man and his son alongside the government, as the boy has special powers.

Transformers: Cyberverse (Season 2) – The latest season chronicling the adventures of Bumblebee, who is suffering amnesia due to a damaged memory chip.

Waiting for “Superman” (2010) – A documentary movie which looks at the public school system in America by focusing on five students who go through various struggles.

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